“I want to tell you both how appreciative I am that I had the privilege to work under your guidance and leadership.  I am so thankful that I was able to have you as employers who truly cared about all of us guards…. Throughout my time with working for Clear Water Pools, I have gotten to witness what it looks like to lead with integrity and genuine care with you both as my examples.  Thank you.”

– CWP employee

“Just wanted to say I am very impressed with the staff. I am really looking forward to this pool season.”

– Foster Premier, Inc Community Association manager

“Thank you for allowing me to be a leader at the pool, it has helped me grow into a leader in the classroom for my career and given me confidence to do well!”

-CWP employee

“You are doing a wonderful job and please let the Guards know how impressed and happy we are with their performance…a bunch of really nice kids. Jake is a natural born leader and it is so lovely to have things done in such a professional manner.”

-Homeowner Association Manager

“I haven’t been at the pool often this year, but the few times I have been there I have been impressed by the pool attendants. They are constantly busy, doing something…cleaning table tops, sweeping the deck, skimming the pool, etc. Never seem to be sitting around doing nothing. Think that is great and wanted to let you know.”

– Homeowner

“I just wanted to express my gratitude and how much I look up to you both.  Thank you for serving me throughout the summer as my bosses.”– CWP employee

“Thanks for the fantastic job!” – CWP employee

“Great job to all and to Taylor for doing such an awesome job.”

– Board Member

Adam Norman has provided Tall Grass’ pool guards for over 5 years while I have been on the HOA board. I give him a strong recommendation, he’s one of our best vendors.

His company has constantly provided a fully staffed, professional team, he is always open to suggestions, and his pricing is competitive. In addition, Adam has helped us on multiple pool related projects such as painting, heating and other specialized services.

You will not find a better service provider in the area.

Christopher BenVau
President – Tall Grass HOA

To whom it may concern,

I am currently an active Board Member of the South Pointe Swim Club in Naperville, IL , and I have held various positions since 2008, including roles as Board President and Board Vice President. We have utilized Clear Water Pools for our Pool Operations Management, Swim Lessons & Guard Staffing for the past several years and have been pleased with the services provided by Adam Norman and his employees.

At our most recent board meeting, we voted to renew our contract with Clear Water Pools as we have found the cost of services provided competitive and Adam has been very timely and responsive to our requests related to the servicing of our account and Club Members.

It is without reservation that I recommend Adam and his company to anyone currently in a search for a Pool Management Company.

Kind Regards,
Charles H. Franckowiak
South Point Swim Club – Board Director

To whom it may concern,

My name is Steve Michalski, Pool Chairperson for the Maple Hill Pool Center located in Warrenville IL. I along with the Maple Hill Board would like to recommend Clearwater Pools for any Swimming Pool or Aquatic Center for your management needs.
We have contracted Adam Norman and Clear Water Pools to handle the maintenance and the staffing of lifeguards for the past 2 years (2014-2015). He has done an outstanding job handling our needs.

He takes care of opening and closing of the pool yearly. We don’t have to worry about the chemicals needed to have a safe water environmental. The guards are trained in cleaning and handling the needs of everyday operations and also keeping track of the pool passes for the residence attending. We have a list of pool rules that they must follow and the guards are very good at what they do.

We do get attached to our guards and try to get the same ones back each year. Adam has a great background in this business and knows what is needed in all aspects of pool maintenance.

We have approved his company for another 2 years and also he has painted our pool and has done some major repairing of the heater, filters and piping needed to keep the pool running all season long.

Steve Michalski, Maple Hill Pool Chairperson

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