Clear Water Construction, LLC is a trusted source for commercial pool renovations and repairs in the suburbs of Chicago. It’s our goal to provide all our clients with excellent, dependable service for a fair price. We can handle any project, regardless of what your commercial pool repairs or renovations may require. Our services include, but are not limited to, pool plastering, tile repair, and pool restoration.

Pool Plastering:

Pool plaster is applied as a final coating to the shell of a concrete pool. This creates a smooth finish to the surface and a watertight seal that prevents leaks that can potentially damage the underlying concrete or any of the other building materials make up the pool’s structural shell. Maintaining the surface of your commercial pool is critical not only for aesthetic purposes (over time pool plaster can become stained, streaked, discolored, eroded, etched, or cracked), but also for the protection of your facility’s foundation.

Tile Repair:

Tiling is an exceptional way to improve the appearance of your pool. Tile is an appealing accent with excellent durability that is easier to clean than comparable cement-based surfaces. Of course, even the most enduring tiles can become impaired over time. Cracked, loose, or fallen tiles can be an indicator of more serious problems, such as beam damage or cracks from expanding frozen water. Our professionals can help you locate existing damage and repair the tiles of your commercial pool before further damage occurs.

Pool Restoration:

Pool restorations can involve a wide assortment of projects and requirements, such as structural repairs, leak detection and repair, pool deck removal or replacement, deck coating, resurfacing, design modifications or additions, code compliance issues, and more. Our experienced team can help you organize and execute all your commercial pool restoration plans with ease.

Clear Water Construction, LLC is your complete source for commercial pool repairs in the Chicagoland suburbs. Years of experience and dedication have made us capable of completing any job to your full satisfaction. Call or email us to start the commercial pool renovation process today!