Clear Water Pools, LLC offers professional and reliable aquatic facility management services to the western Chicagoland suburbs. Our comprehensive management systems and procedures are designed to concentrate on hazard control and business growth while consistently refining and enforcing our programs to sustain the constant fluctuations of societal demands and your facility’s unique demographics.

We understand that maintaining an effectively-operating aquatic center is extremely time-consuming and requires a great deal of attention—and that failure to give that attention can result in dire consequences. Our trusted aquatic management services can help you shoulder the responsibilities you have to your staff and guests, allowing you to direct more of your time and energy towards other priorities.

Clear Water Pools’ aquatic facility management services handle everything related to the life of your suburban Chicagoland pool. We will administrate precautionary maintenance and routine care, daily management and operations from open to close, and repairs or renovations to the facility. We can provide various programs, such as private and group swimming lessons, water fitness classes, and private parties outside of regular operating hours. We require proper certification and training from all our employees to ensure the highest quality of standards, creating a safe and relaxing environment for guests.

Clear Water Pools’ aquatic management services can cover commercial, large-scale, multiguard aquatic facilities, as well as waterpark management. We utilize nationally-recognized programs to properly train and certify our employees. For the duration of employment, team members are required to attend mandatory in-service training to exercise in real life scenarios the skills learned during their certification courses.

Feel confident that your guests are provided with a professional, safe environment in which to relax and enjoy all the comforts your facility has to offer. You can call or email us today to learn more about what our aquatic facility and waterpark management services can deliver to your suburban Chicagoland pool!